Lenox History – Celebrating 250 Years

In 2017 Lenox will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its founding – March 5, 1767.   Watch this page for updates on events during the year-long celebration.

Gone but Not Forgotten – Ore Bed Pond

The current site of the playground and baseball diamond on Ore Bed Road was an entrance to the honeycomb of mine tunnels under Lenox.  It filled with water and was a popular swimming hole (and judging from this photo – a source of water for the fire tanker).  When the bypass was built, the rocks and soil were dumped into the the hole that is no longer a pond.

Lenox Historical Society 11-3 Thurs. – Sat., 65 Main St.

Kicking off Lenox’s 250th birthday celebration with the opening of a new exhibit called:  “Lenox: The First 100 Years.”

65 Main St., Lenox Academy - c. 1802
65 Main St., Lenox Academy – c. 1803

Jan Chague’s book The History of Lenox Furnace and Lenox Dale and the commemorative map of Lenox Dale are available for purchase


Get Prepared for the 250th with Some New Books on Lenox History


This book (written by the author of this website) is an updated chronology  from numerous published and unpublished sources (an update of the no-longer in print David Wood book, Lenox., Massachusetts Shiretown written at the time of the 1967 bicentennial). The new book describes the landscape, Native American inhabitants, early settlement, the Revolutionary War, the town’s days as the county seat, its attraction as an early 19th century cultural mecca as well as the era of being a nationally known Gilded Age resort. The book looks at the impact of national and regional events – wars, the economy, and lifestyle changes-on Lenox. Available as an ebook on Amazon 


And, available Dec. 12 on Amazon in hardcover and ebook, a new history of Lenox told in photographs from our own Amy LaFave of the Lenox Library.  This history pictures the early days, war heroes, development of the estates and the village of Lenox.




Lenox Oral History – To Be Released February 11, 2017

Lenox Library (Free) Lecture Series – Lenox at 250

1839 Print of Lenox
1839 Print of Lenox

Session 1 – February 19, 2017, 4 PM – Lenox 1767-1880, Panel Discussion – Charles Flint, Lucy Kennedy, Carole Owens, Bernard Drew (Early History, Shiretown Era, Mid 19th Century)

How Many "Cottages" Can You Identify?
How Many “Cottages” Can You Identify?

Session 2 – March 19, 2017, 4PM – Lenox 1880-2016 – Cornelia Gilder, Richard Jackson, David Roche, Olga Weiss (Gilded Age, Music Inn)




March 5, 2017 – Sunday – Celebration of First Proprietor’s Meeting





Construction Workers at Shadow Brook-Photo in Lenox History Book
Construction Workers at Shadow Brook-Photo in Lenox History Book
Bicentennial 1967

May 4, 2017 – Town Meeting Lenox History Books and Oral History DVD Available for Purchase

Hurrying to the Original Dedication in 1892



May 29, 2017 – Memorial Day – Re-dedication of Paterson Egleston










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Join the Parade! – October 7, 2017 at 11, “Lenox Throughout the Years.”

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