Research Sources


The Lenox Library

Check the second floor reading room where you can review non-circulating Lenox histories including the George Tucker manuscript, Shiretown by David Wood and the Rev. Field history of Berkshire county.  The library has the original Lenox Non-Importation Agreement and other historic documents. Good information on the early history of the county is also available through the Stockbridge Library and the Sheffield Historical Society


Pittsfield Library

The ground floor of the Pittsfield Library has a local history department which includes original documents and early maps of Lenox.


The Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds

The middle Berkshire registry of deeds includes early land grants, proprietors holdings and minutes of early proprietors meetings in Lenox.  Working backward, prior owners of any current property in Lenox can be identified.

Lenox_Academy,_Lenox_MA copy

The Lenox Historical Society 65 Main St., Lenox, MA

In addition to exhibits and photos about town history, members of the Historical Society can assist with research on people and events from the recent and distant past in Lenox. The Lenox Historical Society also has copies of the inventory of homes more than 75 years old within and near the downtown historic district (ask for the Form B Notebooks). The Historical Society is open Thursday-Saturday 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Lenox Historical Society – Facebook Page


Also information is available through other local historical societies (listed on the Berkshire History Network) or through the Berkshire Historical Society

Town of Lenox Burial Records 

The town of Lenox website lists burials at the Church on the Hill, New Lenox and Mountainview cemeteries.  Burial information for St. Ann’s Cemetery is available through St. Ann’s Church.

Lenox Genealogy

Most of the records on this site can only be accessed by working with the Family History Center or other resources not available online.  Many family histories can be accessed through

History of Lenox

A history found on the Berkshire Web with some interesting background on the Sedgewicks in Lenox.

History of Lenox – Town Website

An excellent chronology written by John Townes.

MACRIS Listings for Lenox Buildings

Compiled by the Historical Commission, these Mass Historical Commission forms provide additional information on houses within the Lenox Historic District and nearby.  To access Lenox listings select “Lenox” from the drop down list of towns, hit “Next” then select “Buildings” from the drop down list and hit “Next.”

HD Maps

Also See Historic Buildings of MA

5 are from Lenox


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Historic Preservation

Historic New England

Historic New England is a membership organization that provides tours and workshops on historic preservation.

Lenox Historic District Commission


Historic District Bylaw

The Lenox Historic District Commission approves alterations, signage and landscaping in the Lenox Historic District.  The goal of the Commission is to encourage maintenance and development that maintains the historic integrity of Lenox village.  It operates under Massachusetts Law Chapter 40C.

 The Massachusetts Historical Commission

The Massachusetts Historical Commission provides limited grants for historic preservation and expertise on historic preservation projects.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides information on historic preservation ordinances and other tools to assist in historic preservation.