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King Phillip’s War (1675-1676) Discourages Western MA Expansion

Metacom or King Phillip – Charismatic Leader

Hard to Tell from This Rendering, But Metacom Considered a Charismatic Leader

Metacom, called “King Phillip,” by the English became sachem of the Plymouth area tribe in 1662.

Metacom, or King Phillip as he was known by the English, was chief of the Wampanoag in southeastern Massachusetts.  Apparently a charismatic personality, Metacom was able to leverage seething resentments.

The spark that set off the war was Metacom’s contention that the English had murdered his brother.  The underlying causes were the Indian’s fear of the never ending pressure to sell their land (a concept which was more English than Indian anyway) and increased dependence on trade goods from the new comers.

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