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Snow on Church St. – Then and Now

Now gone – structure on southwest corner of Housatonic and Church and on northeast corner.

Church St. Looking North - Maybe 1900?
Church St. Looking North – About 1900?

What’s the same?

Three  residences across the street(although much altered today)

Same Location 2-2-2015

Out of frame but still standing






62 Church St., Franklin Carpenter House – c. 1860

62 Church St
62 Church St., Formerly 70 Church St.
No. 80 Church Reginier 1850-1875_NEW
80 Church St. Reginier 1850-1875 from Lenox Historical Society (Current Address?)

From Surveys Completed 2011-2012 by the Lenox Historical Commission


A Gothic Revival (Vernacular) style wood frame 1.5 story building with Colonial Revival porch. Features include an asphalt shingle roof, 2-bay front entrance porch with pediment and 2 Doric columns; a shed-roofed glazed porch in right front corner and 2-over-2 windows.

The original building was a small center chimney dwelling in which later additions included a side wing and an enclosed porch. Property has been significantly altered.

There may be an earlier house than 1860 (“O. Carpenter” on 1854 Clark Map – shows footprint with recessed right side ell) though architectural form suggests the 1860 or later date; “W. Russell” on 1875 Beers Map.


Built in the 1860’s, probably by Franklin Carpenter, who had extensive property holdings in this area. Described in a later deed as a farmhouse, this may have been Carpenter’s home on what was originally a large lot.

In 1869 the house and part of the lot was sold to Margaret Russell and her husband William. The property was purchased with the help of a mortgage from Timothy Mahanna, who seems to have been related to the Russells by marriage. The house remained in the Russell family through the 19th century, later becoming the home of the Wheeler family.

Mildred Hador bought the property from the Wheeler’s in 1977.  It went into a trust for Mildred in 1992 and in 2020 her daughter Lisa Hador bought the property.


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