Lenox History – Please Share Your Stories


We’re looking for volunteers for whatever you would like to contribute to our Lenox History collection.  Here are some ideas that have been suggested:

  • Great fires of Lenox
  • The rise and fall of private schools in Lenox
  • History of Lenox public schools
  • Memories of the bicentennial celebration
  • Memories of old fashioned days
  • Family histories
    • Tucker
    • PIretti
    • Pignatelli
    • Tillotsons
    • Others?
  • My house (search your address on this website – over 100 have extensive information already)
  • Retail development in Lenox Village
  • Famous watering holes in Lenox and Lenox Dale
  • Trees – Dutch Elm Disease impact on Lenox
  • Sequence of logging off, re-planting in the village
  • US Post Office in Lenox and Lenox Dale–offices, famous postmasters
  • How Lenox coped with the Depression
  • Lenox during Prohibition
  • Administration of and coping with rationing during WWII
  • Before and after street histories
  • Music Inn memories
  • Coming back from the xxxxx war to life in Lenox
  • History of recreational horseback riding in Lenox
  • Where were the streetcar stops?
  • Gilded Age carriage traditions

Many of these topics have been previously researched by the phenomenal Lenox student research done for “Our Town, Ourselves.” * Check with the Lenox Historical Society.  Much information is also available through the Lenox Library. 

Also check the Lenox Historical Society Facebook Page – and make entries on their wall!

Please let us know what other ideas you have or if you would be willing to volunteer to write any one of the ideas above.  Here’s what’s involved:

  • Write 150-200 words – you can do it in Word or on the email itself and email it to lenoxhistory@gmail.com and we’ll get it on this website
  • If possible include digital photos (we can scan old photos for you if you wish).
  • Please include a photo of yourself
Lucy Kennedy - 10 year Lenox Resident and Contribution Wrangler for this Website
Lucy Kennedy – 10 year Lenox Resident and Contribution Wrangler for this Website


    • It’s fun
    • It’s a way of capturing Lenox history and making it accessible (with readily available search and categorization)
    • It’s a great way to contribute to celebrating 250 years of Lenox.

-Videographer Judy Seaman is producing a video to celebrate the 250th anniversary, “From Yokuntown to Lenox,” Check it Out – You can help!

* List of “Our Town Ourselves” research papers from Mrs. Vincent’s Ninth term paper assignment

Our Town Ourselves List_0015

Our Town Ourselves List_0014

Our Town Ourselves List_0013

Our Town Ourselves List_0012

Our Town Ourselves List_0011

Our Town Ourselves List_0010

Our Town Ourselves List_0009

Our Town Ourselves List_0008

Our Town Ourselves List_0007

Our Town Ourselves List_0006

Our Town Ourselves List_0005

Our Town Ourselves List_0004

Our Town Ourselves List_0003

Our Town Ourselves List_0002

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  1. Ms. Kennedy

    Would there be any value in having PowerPoints of “The Dumba Affair” and the “The Presidents Come to the Berkshires” ?

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