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The Dormers – Twelve Oaks

R.T. Auchmuty served in the Civil War and built the dormers in 1868 after marrying Lenox heiress, Ellen Schermerhorn.  Col. Auchmuty was a major contributor to civic life in Lenox and New York.

An architect, he designed the brick mansion himself and placed in a setting with sloping lawns and panoramic views to the East.










The extensive property is indicated in blue on the map below.  To envision how rural it would have been we have to imagine today’s Route 7 as a dirt lane that one could easily stroll across.









Like many cottagers, the Auchmutys required a full time property supervisor.  That residence stood until recently.


Fortunately, the mansion remains (138 Pittsfield Road) as a private residence.

Along with some of the outbuildings – repurposed for modern use.







The mansion remains nicely hidden on the East side of the hill with a charming town house community, Twelve Oaks, built out on the West side facing Route 7…complete with clubhouse and pool.